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Paintings, Drawings and Architecture
Living and working in the Hudson Valley was the initial influence in my painting.The mountains were so very comforting in their majesty, with their constant changes in color and atmosphere, permeated everything I painted.

Moving to New York city also had a very strong influence on my paintings. The clarity and color became much stronger and more minimal, while still maintaining the landscape. It was not until I went to Mexico and discovered the tranquility and unique sensual mystery of a new world under the sea.

It was the spaciousness of the all - encompassing water and the volumetric tension of the underwater currents and the diffused
light which penetrated the depths. This made it possible for the viewer to submerge visually and psychologically encounter the unusual effects of the amorphic qualities and delicate coloration of rock and coral formations.

The urban environment and teaching at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the Interior Design department, opened another
world of interest which is Interior Design and Architecture illustration.

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